Everyone is aware that studying overseas is a very expensive process. The cost involves not only the university fees but also living expenses. You need to pay almost attention on the finances when you have decided to study abroad and how will you be able to fund for your education.

When you plan to study abroad you should be able to afford the expenses, whereas you are asked to cover at least the first year of the college expenses and for your living. These funds can be shown in the form of savings funds, education loans and university scholarships. We have a dedicated team who would understand your financial status and help you preparing them all with consistent guidance.

We have been successful enough in providing considerate financial assistance to the students with the help of the universities. I-Studentz strong financial aid program demonstrates our commitment to the principle that all eligible students gain the benefit of scholarships. The expert advison at I-Studentz will help you develop a financial plan, drawing from all available resources such as scholarship, financial aids and your personal funds. These financials are highly comprehensive, therefore students should take the process seriously and plan ahead.


We take care of booking flights well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and also best discounts. so, that the student arrives the university before the commencement date.


We have tie ups with genuine Forex dealers to ensure that our students get competitive exchange rates and prompt services.

Hence we make sure that student arrives safe with all the required documents to the university with complete information